Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business Optimization

Fully Managed Solution

Fully managed manual claiming of a Google My Business listing, monthly NAP data updates, and monthly posting.

The GMB Listing Claim - What to Expect Next:

Order Form

When you purchase GMB Optimization, our Listing Fulfillment team will receive the Order

Form, and attempt instant verification of the listing within 48 hours..

Onboarding Call: 

Our team will conduct an onboarding call with your client only when the product is

accompanied by other Marketing Services products. If they only have Google My Business Optimization,

our team will claim the listing, and email the client to let them know if there’s additional steps required to

claim the listing along with expectations of what to expect throughout the term of the product.

Note: We can complete an onboarding call with the client upon request by the partner



The GMB listing must be claimed before it can be optimized.

● Instant Verification: We use the information in Partner Center, implement information into

Google, and have it instantly verified.

● ONLY WHEN INSTANT ISN’T AN OPTION - Phone Call/Text Message: An automated

phone call is sent from Google to the business listed phone number. A PIN is given to enter into

the listing site for validation. This option can be completed during the Onboard call.

● ONLY WHEN INSTANT ISN’T AN OPTION - Postcard: A physical postcard is sent from

Google to the listed address for the business. This postcard contains a PIN, which, when entered

into the listing site, validates the listing. This can take 2 weeks or more to complete. This

verification method is extremely common.

Please note: we can not use PO boxes when claiming GMB listings; we need a physical address.

*If there is a suspension of the listing, or additional verification steps required, it may take additional time after the

onboarding call.

*In some cases we are able to claim a listing without having to go through a manual verification process.

Listing Verification

If the GMB listing is already claimed and you are not the owner, we can work to have the

listing unlocked so that it will be available for claiming again.

Things to note:

● This process cannot be done during the onboard call, and can take upwards of two weeks to


● Usually, in this case the listing site has a ‘Request Ownership’ form to submit which notifies the

current owner that another party is wanting to take over the GMB listing.

○ If the listings current owner denies our request to take over the GMB listing, we will

not be able to complete the claim.

○ If the current owner does not respond to the inquiry within 4 days, the listing

becomes ‘Free’ again, and can be claimed using the regular verification methods.

Listing claim

Once the listing has been successfully claimed, the Marketing Strategist will ensure the

following listing data is accurate:

● Business name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, categories/keywords.

The Strategist will also add:

● A logo, cover photo, up to 5 videos, up to 5 photos, as well as Highlight, Amenities, Attributes, and Service

Options (If applicable).

An email will be sent from the Listings Team that will inform the contact (listed on the order

form) that the GMB listing has been claimed, and the monthly optimized service will now


This document is solely provided for general information purposes and does not constitute any agreement of any kind. All information is made without guarantee on the

part of the publisher. We disclaim any liability in connection with the use of this information.

And now to the monthly managed service!